Old jcjr Instrumentals

[Ywo newly-remastered songs (Frontier and CHattanooga Sport) were added 12-08-2017]

Instrumentals composed, performed and engineered by James Chandler Jr, except as noted below. All songs were amateur remastered in June 2017, the original mixes imported from Sony PCM501 Beta Digital Audio Tape. Except the first two songs in the list, Frontier and Chattanooga Sport. Those two most-recently-recorded ancient songs had been computer-mixed to hard disk. I recently located CDROM backups of those two songs and finally remastered them all. All seventeen songs are remastered to "high quality" 320 kbps MP3 and also 24 Bit Lossless FLAC.

Long ago the older 15 songs had originally been realtime analog-mixed from a stack of old synthesizers into a 16 channel Peavey mixer + cheap outboard FX. The mixer's stereo output was recorded to 16 bit 44.1 kHz digital audio via Sony PCM-501 + Sony Beta video tape. In addition to MIDI instruments, a few songs slaved the MIDI sequencer to multitrack tape via a JL Cooper sync box, allowing a few tape tracks in combination with the real-time MIDI music. The oldest 15 songs in this set were recorded long before affordable computers were fast enough to do multi-track audio recording.

Amazingly the old beta tapes still work. I analog-dubbed the old mixes from digital tape to the computer and then cleaned them up as good as I know how. Some songs with excessively long play-time and/or unusually severe lapses in taste were edited in hope of attenuating the MITTT Metric (Median Intensity of Tacky and Tasteless Tedium). In the process I had to fresh-record a few new minor music parts to improve continuity and better-hide splices.

Regardless, these are old synthesizers recorded long ago with old tech resulting in variable music/audio quality.

Song filenames are appended "RM1" which indicates "First Remaster". Song Title tags inside the latest MP3 and FLAC files are also marked "RM1". If multiple versions of a song share the same internal Song Title tag then it is difficult to identify different song versions as viewed in some MP3 players' song lists. If you already have earlier lower quality versions and then download the new versions-- Then the "RM1" Song Title tags can make the new versions easier to identify in an MP3 player program's song lists.

Click a song title to PLAY the MP3. Right-Click Download to SAVE the MP3 to your computer.

You can Download a Zip file containing seventeen remastered 320kbps MP3 songs [174 MB].

At the expense of larger file size you can Download a Zip file containing seventeen remastered songs as 24 bit Lossless FLAC [838 MB]. This zip collection of 17 FLAC format songs is big enough to incur a fairly long download time even with a fast internet connection.

Frontier [8134 KB] (C) 2000 James Chandler Jr
Drums & Percussion: Bob Courter; JCJR plays Hohner Melodica, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass and a bit of hand percussion.

Chattanooga Sport [11392 KB] (C) 1971, 2000 James Chandler Jr

Etoid [12653 KB] (C) 1991 James Chandler Jr

Skunks on Fire [7738 KB] (C) 1991 James Chandler Jr

Jig [7002 KB] (C) 1990 James Chandler Jr

May [9271 KB] (C) 1989 James Chandler Jr

Imperfect [12331 KB] (C) 1987 James Chandler Jr

Scudder [12828 KB] (C) 1974 James Chandler Jr

Arisia [13680 KB] (C) 1969, 1987 James Chandler Jr

Bergenholm [8396 KB] (C) 1987 James Chandler Jr
Guitar: Tim Strickland;

Cateagle [8294 KB] (C) 1970, 1988 James Chandler Jr

Lens [17997 KB] (C) 1973, 1987 James Chandler Jr

Pirates [8715 KB] (C) 1987 James Chandler Jr
Guitar: Tim Strickland;

Wheel Men [10551 KB] (C) 1986 James Chandler Jr

Eddore [11372 KB] (C) 1970, 1087 James Chandler Jr

Thionite [10061 KB] (C) 1987 James Chandler Jr
Guitar: Tim Strickland;

Daedalus [10023 KB] (C) 1989 James Chandler Jr

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