Building a Spot Gig Rig

I don't play much lately. Long ago I mostly played long-term house gigs where equipment did not necessarily need to setup or teardown quickly, because setups/teardowns were quite rare. I did not care for spot gigs primarily because load-in and setup seemed so labor-intensive merely to play one or two nights before tearing down and loading out.

Nowadays few long-term gigs are available. Even were long-term gigs easy to find, having retired I would be too lazy to show up and play music every night of the week anyway. Occasional playing is enough.

Therefore I wanted to build an easy setup/teardown rig, preferably small enough to carry in my Jeep Wrangler (which doesn't have huge cargo capacity). I still have the old Astro Van which is in good condition, except I don't drive the van often enough to keep the battery charged and keep the gasoline from gelling up. I barely drive the Jeep often enough to keep the battery charged.

Elements include--
_ A nice-looking folding wood keyboard stand
_ Improve “as good possible” an old Roland KC500 keyboard amp, which fits the Jeep better than bigger speakers.
_ An easily portable pedalboard with permanently attached snake, making deployment and connection of pedals fast as possible. It would also prevent pedals from getting kicked over in the dark during performance, which is never fun.
_ A roadcase for the Studiologic SL88 keyboard. Light, cheap, and strong enough to protect the SL88 for local Jeep rides. The case does not need to be strong as an ATA flight case but I want it stiffer than a gig bag while remaining not-excessively-heavy.

The keyboard stand and amplifier upgrade are done. I still need to build the pedal board and a light road case. The following pages are initial rough drafts which in the future may be further polished. Or maybe not. I want to write more detailed keyboard stand pages and a page about the pedalboard after it is built. The road case may not be interesting enough to write about. Begging the question whether any of the topics are really interesting enough to write about.

Folding Hardwood Keyboard Stand Overview

SL88 Periscope

Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amp Upgrade

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